Tamiya, Putty - basic (87053)
Cure your modeling masterpiece of any join lines, holes or indentations using this convenient material.
It can be easily shaped using tools and sandpaper to gain the detailed finish you require.
Contents: 32g
Tamiya, Putty - white (87095)

Easy-to-Use Hobby & Craft PuttyThis new Tamiya Putty is perfect for filling gaps, repairing holes, or creating surface texture. It can be dissolved with separately available Tamiya Lacquer Thinner for even more varieties of application. White color means it is a better base for lighter paint colors. 32g of putty comes in aluminum tube.

kr 47
Plastic Putty - Vallejo 70400
Waterbased acrylic paint from Vallejo. Perfect for brush and airbrush. For use with airbrush, we recommend Vallejo 'Drying retarder - 70597' and 'Thinner - 70524'. 17 ml bottle with spout, for easy dosage.
kr 31