Märklin K-tracks (H0)

Märklin K-tracks (H0)

Märklin K-tracks in gauge H0 (1:87)

The standard tracks in Märklins K-track are available in 12 different straight lengths and 6 different curve radies.

The longest straight track is called 2205 and is flexible, so that you can adapt and bend it to fit special track sections that are not possible with the standard track parts.

The curved standard tracks are available in totally 6 different radies:

Radius 295,4 mm (Diameter 590,8 mm c/c)

Radius 360 mm (Diameter 720 mm c/c)

Radius 424,6 mm (Diameter 849,2 mm c/c)

Radius 553,9 mm (Diameter 1107,8 mm c/c)

Radius 618,5 mm (Diameter 1237 mm c/c)

Radius 902,4 mm (Diameter 1804,8 mm c/c)